TONELINK hearing aid app gives you control
No need to carry a separate hearing aid remote control or to touch your hearing aids. Simply and discreetly adjust key functions with the TONELINK hearing aid app.

Easily control
key functions

The TONELINK hearing aid app enables you to discreetly:
  • Change programs
  • Adjust volume
  • Mute
  • Change directional focus
Hearing aid adjustments become such a naturally integrated part of daily life, you might even forget you’re wearing EVOKE™.

Easy to use

Use your smartphone to easily change programs and control other key functions.

How does it work?

The TONELINK app uses your phone's speaker to transmit the one-way acoustic commands that enable you to control key functions such as adjusting volume on your EVOKE and changing hearing aid programs.

Since these commands are sent in a coded sound from the smartphone to the hearing aid, you do not need Bluetooth or assistive listening devices.

The EVOKE app

The EVOKE app is only for EVOKE F2 model. The TONELINK app is for all EVOKE models except the EVOKE CIC-M model.

The EVOKE app covers key functions like changing programs, and it features SoundSense Learn, which guides you to personalised hearing.