Had enough of fiddling with tiny hearing aid batteries?

We know the feeling. Hearing aid batteries can be a challenge to handle. Test the new rechargeable hearing aids to experience how smooth & easy it is to use & charge Widex BEYOND Z.

Hearing aids that conveniently charge while you sleep.


Perfect listening conditions are created automatically with Widex BEYOND hearing aids

Customized to your individual hearing loss
Widex BEYOND automatically adapts your hearing aids to the listening situation you are in, making sure that the sound you get is optimized to the environment you are entering.
However, you are also able to design your own hearing with our BEYOND app for iPhone.
BEYOND app for your iPhone and Android
With the Widex BEYOND app you will be able to design your own hearing as well as be able to stream sound from your device directly into your hearing aids without wires. On top of that, it is very intuitive and easy to use.

Try BEYOND Z with rechargeable batteries

In recent years, our hearing aids have become so small - and so have the batteries. It can be quite the hassle to change them. With rechargeable batteries, you simply pop your hearing aids into the charger at night, just like you would do with your mobile phone or tablet, and they will be ready for you the next morning.

How long does a charge last?
Approx. 19-24+ hours depending on how many hours you stream music, film, etc. but there is more than enough power for a full day being out and about. Widex BEYOND Z has the lowest power consumption of any rechargeable hearing aids.

No power supply for an extended period?
You still have the option to simply swap the rechargeable battery with a regular zinc-air one.

Already have BEYOND hearing aids?
You can have them retrofitted to make them rechargeable by simply changing the battery door

It is always possible to test the hearing aids in your own comfortable home environment before you commit to anything. Come in for a chat to learn more about what is the best solution for you!


Experience an extra level of battery power, connectivity and sound

Battery power for longer
Widex BEYOND hearing aids consume less power than other similar hearing aids - you can use your hearing aids and stream sound to them for much longer without having to change your battery.
Always connected from your hearing aids to all devices
Widex BEYOND keeps you connected to your iPhone - but it doesn't stop there. You can connect to telecoils, your home phone, televisions and many other devices using the Widex DEX accessories range for your hearing aids.
All sound is transferred directly into your hearing aids.
Advanced sound quality
The Widex BEYOND sound is way ahead of that of our competitors. It gives you an incredibly advanced overall sound quality.
Your sound is always optimized based on your environment. When you enter a restaurant or cafe, your hearing aid will switch to a program optimizing your hearing to that specific situation.
Noise reduction and wind manager adds to your hearing comfort
At the end of your day, when you sit down and put your feet up, poor and painful sounds which have affected you throughout your day - leaving you exhausted in the evening - simply fade away.
The special hearing aid, BEYOND, will eliminate sounds and noises of constant nuisance, with features like Soft Level Noise Reduction, removing the constant buzzing of monotone sounds. The Smart Wind Manager will remove the hissing whistling wind from your hearing aids, enabling you to take a stroll in all conditions and relax at the same time. 

Your lifestyle BEYOND
Widex hearing aids specialize in delivering natural sound - adaptable to a range of circumstances.
Helix assesses your existing hearing and then programs your BEYOND hearing aids to match your individual needs.
BEYOND sound levels and pitch, this technology is about lifestyle:
  • At the workplace
  • Wireless connection indoors and out
  • Improved digital sound of music
  • Clearer hearing - safer driving
  • For the quietly active
We work with you to find the right balance for your lifestyle.

BEYOND App for iPhone

The easy-to-use app - just a download away.

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