Experience the Fall of 2019 hearing the best you can! Be one of the first to test innovative, rechargeable hearing aid technology for FREE!

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We are seeking people with hearing loss to test new and innovative hearing aid technology this Fall!
Innovative hearing aid technology and new accessories help you better connect with friends and family:

Adjusts Automatically
Hearing aids with new, innovative technology can identify what environment you are in and automatically adjust to help you hear the best you can.

Charging On The Go
Some models come with a portable charger to recharge your hearing aids without changing batteries.

Bluetooth Connectivity
Fully featured Bluetooth connectivity for phone calls, TV and music right in your ears!


Try a pair of hearing aids for one week for FREE* and upon purchase receive:

Helix Hearing Care Fall Special Bundle Discount


Upon purchase, you can also choose three of the following hearing aid accessories for FREE:

Remote Link
Connect remotely to your hearing care professional.

TV Accessory

Listen to a TV or home theater audio system through your hearing aids.

Recharging system
Recharge your hearing aids without charging batteries.

Wireless Remote
Control the volume, preferences and programs in your aids wirelessly.

Widex Beyond Z Hearing Aid

* = Offer applies to purchases made between October 1 and December 31, 2019. $1,100 discount available for purchases of select binaural hearing aids of specific level technology. Other discount amounts also available. Cannot be combined with any offer or promotion and is not redeemable for cash. Not applicable on third party orders. Offer available only at participating clinics in Canada. Please visit one of our clinics for full details.

** = Not available for all models.

† = Smartphone technology and Wi-Fi required. Remote link services offered only to residents of the province where the clinic is located.

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Having hearing aids with a rechargeable system offer the following benefits**:

Replaces the inconvenience of changing disposable batteries.

Designed to hold a charge that will last all day.

Safe, non-toxic, non-flammable and recyclable.

Battery Flexibility
Use disposable batteries when a power source for recharging is unavailable.


Fill out the form to book your appointment and discuss your hearing health with one of our hearing care professionals. We perform a comprehensive hearing test to assess your hearing loss so we can recommend the best hearing aid to help you. 

You can then take the hearing aid demo home with you for one week. In that time we encourage you to try it out in the various environments you go to in your daily life, so you can see how it improves your hearing.


On October 10th and 17th, a London, Ontario newspaper (the Londoner) mistakenly published a Helix Hearing Care advertisement which included the following statement: “Innovative, rechargeable hearing aid technology for free”. The Londoner failed to include all of the text provided to it by Lifestyle for the advertisement, namely "Be one of the first to test innovative, rechargeable hearing aid technology for free”. 

We are arranging to have the Londoner print a retraction to clarify that no hearing aid technology is or was being offered for free. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

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