The health and well-being of our clients, employees and community is very important to us.

In response to the current COVID-19 virus situation, all of our clinics are temporarily suspending in-office services until further notice. We will be re-assessing the status daily.

However, our Helix Hearing Care clinics will remain available to provide our clients with support services to address the needs you may have. Please click here to consult our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information.

If you need batteries:
Call your clinic directly for assistance; we can mail some to you.

If staff at your clinic are unavailable, contact our customer care team at 855-283-4848.  Our customer care team are available to help you Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm EST.

Click here to find your local clinic's phone number.

If your hearing aid is not working properly:
Call your clinic directly for assistance; we can help over the phone or arrange for you to bring or courier your aids to our clinic for repair.  Our manufacturing partners are available to repair aids.

Click here to find your local clinic's phone number.

If you need programming and fine-tuning:
We have telecare services available. With telecare, your hearing aids can be adjusted by one of our hearing care professionals - all in the comfort of your own home. Please call your clinic directly for details on how we can continue to manage your hearing care needs while staying at home.

Click here to find your local clinic's phone number.

We appreciate your understanding during this difficult time. Please call your doctor or your local public health authority if you have any concerns about the COVID-19 virus.

If you want to learn more, here are some websites that may help:
Health Canada:
World Health Organization Rolling Updates:

The COVID-19 situation is changing rapidly; we will provide relevant updates as they occur.

Thank you for your understanding in this challenging time. It is our goal for us all to work together to stay healthy.


QUESTION: I need batteries, what do I do?
ANSWER: Call your local clinic first; they will be happy to mail you some batteries. You will find your clinic's number below if you do not have it. If staff at the clinic are not available to take your call, please call our customer care team at 855-283-4848. They will arrange to have batteries mailed out to you.

QUESTION: I can’t hear anything out of my hearing aid(s). What do I do?
ANSWER: First, check your battery.  Install a new battery.  A very common issue is clogged wax guards. Change them.  If you need someone to walk you through how to change your wax guards, please call your local clinic. They can talk you through it step-by-step.  If your battery is working and the wax guards are not the problem, the clinic will trouble shoot other options with you.  Your clinic will give you directions to send your aid(s) in for repair.

QUESTION: Can you please tell me more about remote care services?
ANSWER: It’s a service that we have available to program and fine tune your hearing aids remotely, in the comfort of your own home.  Your clinic will be able to provide you with more information.

QUESTION: I lost/broke my hearing aid(s) and I have loss replacement. How do I get a new pair?
ANSWER: If your hearing aids are still under warranty, we may be able to send them to the manufacturer to receive and process repair orders. Please call your local clinic to check your warranty status and to arrange for repair service.

QUESTION: I have a bad earache and I think I have an ear infection. Can you help me?
ANSWER: Please call your family doctor’s office.  

QUESTION: I woke up with sudden hearing loss/sudden loud ringing in my ear(s). Can you help me?
ANSWER: Please call your family doctor for assistance.  

QUESTION: Does the sale on the Signia Xperience still apply?
ANSWER: Yes, please call your clinic for more information.

QUESTION: My insurance runs out soon, how can I buy a new hearing aid?
ANSWER: Please call your insurance provider and see if they would be willing to extend your coverage past the expiry date. You can then contact your clinic directly and ask them about remote services.

QUESTION: My hearing aid is stuck in my ear, what do I do?
ANSWER: Please call your family doctor.

QUESTION: When will the clinics be open again?
ANSWER: At this point, we cannot be certain. Because the situation changes day by day, we are assessing the situation daily.  We will update you by e-mail or an automated telephone message and post on our website.

QUESTION: I’m not/my spouse isn’t feeling well. What do I do? 
ANSWER: Please call your family doctor’s office.  If you do not have a family doctor go to your nearest walk-in clinic.   

QUESTION: Has anyone at your clinic been diagnosed with COVID-19?
ANSWER: At this time, to the best of our knowledge none of our staff have been diagnosed with having COVID-19

QUESTION: What do I do if I think I’ve been exposed to COVID-19?
ANSWER: Please call your family doctor immediately.

QUESTION: I want to go to the grocery store, pharmacy, doctor's office, etc but I am afraid to go outside. Can you help me?
ANSWER: We know that this virus outbreak has affected all of us. We recommend that you call a friend, family member or someone else who might be able to either go out with you, or who might be able to pick up what you need. They will be able to provide you with the most immediate help. If not, please call your local clinic and we may be able to recommend a service provider to help.

QUESTION: I’m out of my medications, how do I get my prescription renewed?
ANSWER: We recommend that you call your pharmacy to ask about delivery service. If they are not open or delivering, please call your local clinic and we may be able to recommend a service provider to help.

: I need groceries. Do you know how I can get some delivered?
: We recommend you call your home care provider or nearest friend or relative to see if they can help. If that is not an option, please call your local clinic and we may be able to recommend a service provider to help.


Clinics in Manitoba:
  • Brandon: 204-727-3429
  • Carman: 204-331-1561
  • Portage La Prairie: 204-814-0110
  • Winkler: 204-331-1561
  • Winnipeg Kennedy St: 204-943-6561
  • Winnipeg Lorimer Blvd: 204-272-9522

Clinics in Ontario:
  • Arnprior: 613-623-2999
  • Barrie North: 705-721-9935
  • Barrie South: 705-730-0333
  • Belleville: 613-966-6424
  • Bobcaygeon: 705-320-9244
  • Bolton: 905-533-1170
  • Burlington: 905-681-0224
  • Campbellford: 705-653-5962
  • Collingwood: 705-445-4333
  • Dundas: 905-627-3203
  • Essex: 519-776-1110
  • Etobicoke: 416-639-1388
  • Fort Erie: 905-871-4242
  • Guelph: 226-314-2124
  • Hamilton: 905-389-9919
  • Hawkesbury: 613-632-1444
  • Kingston Place D'Armes: 613-546-5282
  • Kingston Princess St: 613-542-9512
  • Lakeshore: 519-258-0622
  • Leamington: 519-324-0002
  • Lindsay: 705-320-9244
  • London St. Joseph's Hospital: 519-646-6024
  • London Wharncliffe: 519-204-9329
  • Orillia: 705-326-5909
  • Orleans: 613-834-7655
  • Ottawa Carling Ave: 613-729-2424
  • Ottawa General Hospital: 613-737-8842
  • Ottawa Nepean: 613-288-0295
  • Ottawa Montreal Rd: 613-745-0862
  • Perth: 613-267-5235
  • Peterborough: 705-745-3244
  • Richmond Hill: 905-883-1665
  • Scarborough: 416-298-4575
  • St. Catharines: 905-684-0100
  • Stittsville: 613-836-3883
  • Stouffville: 905-591-0339
  • Strathroy: 519-204-9329
  • Tecumseh: 519-256-5451
  • Trenton: 613-966-6424
  • Windsor Cabana Ave: 519-258-0622
  • Windsor Jackson Park: 519-969-5222
  • Windsor Ouellette: 519-256-5451